If you had to pick one essential tool that helps you to perform day-to-day tasks more efficiently, then the online task lists would be number one for sure. Why? When using the Internet it’s hard not to adapt task and project management tools into your workflow for the many positive changes that professional time management software brings into your work routine. The numerous benefits of using an online free task checklist app include improved performance, increased productivity, etc. However, these benefits also depend on two major factors – what you use and how you use it. Choosing the right app is important; however, without learning how to use it properly it’s going to be hard to reach all your goals. So, there are hundreds of task list tools online. What will work best for you?

How To Select The Right Checklist Software:

Online Task Lists

  • Narrow your search to the paid yet affordable software
  • Choose the checklist that offers free apps available both in Apple and Android stores
  • Make sure that you can use this app from any device
  • Analyze the features that this app offers and convert them into the potential benefits for your business
  • Read the reviews

Meet Zip Checklist – the best multi-functional web-based daily task management system available to SMB operators

In a nutshell:

  • Easy to use
  • Cloud-based software you can access from any browser and device
  • Enables you to create and delegate the tasks, notes, and dynamic checklists
  • Check the progress online
  • Visualize the goals
  • Monitor completion of tasks from any location
  • Use reminders and always be aware of the deadlines and important tasks during the day
  • Enjoy the intuitive interface
  • Keep track of the latest tasks spending less than 5 minutes to create, update, and comment the lists
  • Attach the files and leave a feedback
  • Create and print PDF reports

Using Zip Checklist

Once you decided on the right task checklist software, it’s time to learn about its possibilities and how to make the most out of your new business tool. First, don’t forget to download the free app, which is available in both the Apple and Android stores, that enables you to keep in touch with your employees and keep the team in the loop day and night. Thanks to the online updates and reminders, everybody will be well aware of the latest changes in a matter of seconds.

To keep you on task, Zip Checklist offers numerous features that are useful and not distracting. Enjoy a handful of options that will help you to regulate the workflow by spending only a few minutes a day to create dynamic checklists and visualize the progress and goals even if you are totally new to the productivity apps.

The main benefits from using this employee task checklist tool include:

  1. Help you to decide which tasks to complete today, delegate, or delay.
  2. Show the list of people you need to connect to complete the task (your team, employees, etc.)
  3. Help to visualize the day’s tasks.
  4. Once a task is completed, the pie graph will show how much progress has been made and how many tasks are leftover. You can access your data anytime and from any device.
  5. Helps you to focus on main tasks first.
  6. Keeps track of every task you need to do, from Christmas shopping to creating a task report (which you can make using the same app and then print later).
  7. Allows you to jot down short notes, small lists, as well as important checklists.
  8. Great platforms to share ideas, leave comments, feedback, and communicate with your employees anytime.