The freelance industry was growing impressively in the past several years. According to the 2012 Freelance Industry Report, freelancers not only get a more flexible work schedule and endless opportunities for growth, but also tend to be 90% happier than they were before starting a new career ( This sounds promising, isn’t it? However, leaving your regular job and becoming your own boss is not as easy as one can think of it. There are a few things you should learn in order to build a successful freelancer career.

Labor Task Management Software Is a Key to Freelance Success

Sooner or later the person starts his own business only to discover that he lacks discipline. Then he starts to miss the good old days when someone was there to organize his time. That’s the most common problem of anyone who starts freelance career. Since they don’t teach us time management in schools, it’s time to learn how to organize your time, if you want to get out of your desk job as soon as possible.

How to Build Your Freelance Career Using the Right Task Manager App:

  • Choose software that suits your needs perfectly. The right checklist app enabTask Manager Checklist Apples a freelancer to work either alone or with a team, store all information in one place, and create both simple and complicated projects. Zip Checklist offers all of these features and many more to support your freelance goals so you can start building a thriving business today!
  • Before starting a new project, try to break it into smaller steps, where each task should take no longer than 20 minutes. This easy trick will help you to focus more on current goals and stay productive all day long.
  • Post the urgent and last-minute tasks on the top of the dashboard and use the reminders so nothing will be forgotten.
  • Reduce the amount of distractions by closing all tabs and apps except your task manager app.
  • Once you complete a task, do not forget to mark it as completed and remove from the dashboard.
  • Create the dynamic task checklist for both recurring and non-recurring tasks.
  • Here is one more tip: try to access the library of your checklist app at least once or twice a month. By analyzing data and your past projects, you can significantly improve your freelance business endeavors and the quality of your work as well.
  • Work from any location and device with the help of your new store task manager. When using a checklist app, work takes significantly less time and you can focus more on other aspects of your life.

Becoming a successful freelancer doesn’t start the day you quit your job, but the day you finish your first assignment. Once you start fighting the old habits and learn the whole new way of working at home, you’ll face the main challenge of freelance word – the inability to focus. With so many distractions of the modern world, almost everyone finds it hard to work independently and stay organized, while being at home. Zip Checklist is the smart task manager checklist app that was created to help you in the multitasking world of freelance business. Work on one thing at a time, so you can produce the best result possible.