Managing tasks just got
easier with Zip Checklist

Create tasks, monitor equipment, and
keep records of your business from anywhere!


Standardize tasks throughout all your tasks or customize each task for each of your sites. It’s your preference.

Maintain Operating Standards

Checklists Status Overview

Zip Checklist is the most comprehensive digital task management application in the market. It features dynamic task checklists for recurring and non-recurring tasks.

Reminders, Notifications and Alerts

With Zip Checklist, you can set reminders on when tasks should be done, notifications when they are completed and alerts when they are left open.

Print Reports & Checklists

We understand it’s important to keep hard-copy records or PDF versions of reports & checklists so we made it simple for Zip Checklist users to get them.

No more lost checklists. Get employee task lists to-go.

Track Tasks Conveniently

Checklists Status Overview

Get up-to-date statuses on daily, weekly, and monthly tasks all in one screen with the Zip Checklist user dashboard.

Communication Tools

Real-time Data Sync

Any update you make on one device will update instantly on all your other devices.

Upload Files & Comments

Some tasks need further clarification. Take advantage of Zip Checklist’s cloud-based File Uploader and attach photos/videos on difficult tasks.

Employee Information

Zip Checklist makes it easy to maintain employee contact information and important work-related details by incorporating them into the employee’s profile.

Multi-Language Software

With Zip Checklist’s multi-language software, you can choose between English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Chinese as your language for all of your current and future sites!