Task Management System

Streamline operations, track incomplete tasks, notify critical updates, and enhance your communication with your team.


Standardize tasks throughout all your tasks, or customize each task for each of you sites. It’s your preference.

Real Time Updates

You don’t want to constantly ask your employees if a task has been done or not. With Zip Checklist, managers will be updated when a task has been completed. Now you won’t have to ask Bob if he washed the dishes or not you’ll know right when it’s complete.

Real-Time Task Management

New checklists, changes to existing checklists and deleted checklists, will be synced to all devices right when a change is made.

Real-Time Communication

For any management system to work communication is key. With Zip Checklist, employees can directly communicate with a manager or another team member by sending a comment or a follow up.

Task Management

Making a checklist can be tedious and time consuming. Mangers could be working on something more important that requires more attentions. That’s why we provide you with a checklist template that caters to your restaurant needs. Zip Checklist lets you prioritize what needs to be done now and what can wait.

Priority Assignments

Let your employees know which tasks are time-sensitive by flagging the specific checklist, or the tasks within the checklist.

Checklists Templates

Build a checklist using existing templates created by industry leaders, or create it from scratch with a push of a button!

Share & Delegate

For any management system to work communication is key. With Zip Checklist, employees can directly communicate with a manager or another team member by sending a comment or a follow up.

No more lost checklists. Get employee task lists to go.

Mobile App

What good is a software if there’s not an App for it?

No more lost checklists.

The Zip Checklist mobile app let your employees access checklists from any mobile device. And unlike paper checklists, they’ll never run out of copies.

Get Employee task reports on the go.

You can’t be everywhere at once. But with the mobile app, you can keep an eye on things at all your stores no matter where you are.


Checklists Status Overview

Get up-to-date statuses on daily, weekly, and monthly tasks all in one screen with the Zip Checklist user dashboard.

You see that a task has been completed the moment it is checked off. You’ll also know if a critical task is overdue so you can follow up on it right on the dashboard.

Reminders, Notifications, and Alerts

Never overlook a task again!

With Zip Checklist, you can set reminders on when tasks should be done, notifications when they are completed, and alerts when they are left open!

How does communication help your business?

Listen to what they have to say.

Employees may have a critical issue that needs to be taken care of like, spoiled inventory. With our Checklist app, employees and managers will be able to communicate with one another effortlessly.

Give feedback

Managers will be able to voice their concerns or commend an employee for their work. With our software, managers can leave a comment and express how an employee is doing.

Improve Relationships

With clear communication, employees and managers will be able to understand and execute task that have been assigned tot hem. This not only increases efficiency and productivity, but also any miscommunication that would have occurred.

Communication Tools

Real-time Data Sync

Any update you make on one device will reflect instantly on your other devices!

Upload Files & Comments

Some tasks need further clarification. Take advantage of Zip Checklist’s cloud-based File Uploader and attach photos/videos to difficult tasks.

Employee Information

Zip Checklist makes it easy to maintain employee contact information, and important work-related details by incorporating them into the employee’s profile.

Multi-Language Software

With Zip Checklist’s multi-language software, you can choose between English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Chinese as your language for all of your current and future sites!