Project Description

Task Management in Modern SMBs

The white paper “How to run a restaurant that is programmed for success using Zip Checklist” will discuss how to achieve consistency in the quality of your food and service using Zip Checklist.

It will begin with a discussion of the major reasons why so many restaurants fail in their first years followed by industry expert recommendations that help restaurant owners run a successful business.

Readers will learn how to put these recommendations into practice using Zip Checklist, a digital task manager that suits the needs of modern businesses.

Tom Yates Tom Yates

Tom Yates is a hospitality consultant with 25 years of experience in restaurants and hotels. He has managed resorts in the United States, Australia and South Africa. After meeting his wife, Lisa, he settled down in New Hampshire and now shares his expertise with entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry. When he is not writing he enjoys spending time outdoors with his family and their Golden Retriever Bo.

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What people have said about the eBook on Task Management in Modern SMBs

Mike Miller
Mike Miller, Area Coach at Fresh Griller
“I am a huge fan of Stephen Covey, but reading this book made me realize that I need a new solution for managing tasks in my company.”
Tawny Smirz
Tawny Smirz, Regional Manager at Famous Dave’s
“Getting my workers to adopt a new system is a quite a challenge. I really liked the author’s tips on how to get employees to buy into my task management system.”
 Taylor Court
Taylor Court, Store Manager at Sonny’s
“I knew I needed to find a new way of managing tasks in my business but I didn’t know where to start. Now I know exactly which features I am looking for in task management software.”