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Zip Checklist Web Application Goes Live

New digital task manager helps restaurants and SMBs leverage cloud and mobile technology.

Costa Mesa, CA – Hubworks, the maker of Zip Schedules and Zip Clock, today announced the release of its new web-based digital task manager, Zip Checklist. The digital task manager helps small and medium-sized business owners and managers streamline the way they manage, track and communicate tasks using cloud technology.

“Our customers told us they wanted something more than just a paper checklist,” said Hubworks Product Manager Nathan Green. “They wanted more visibility, more control and more accurate tracking of when tasks were completed and who was responsible for signing off on them.”

With Zip Checklist, business owners can manage and monitor tasks at any business location with real-time updates. Managers can use the application to assign tasks, produce digital or hard copy records, and follow best practices established by industry leaders with the industry-specific templates that come with the application.

“Zip Checklist helps me communicate with my team and with my boss,” said Jon Evrard, General Manager at Fresh Griller. “I can assign and follow up on all the tasks that need to be done and keep the restaurant owner informed without having to interrupt anyone’s workflow. And I love the fact that I can use my tablet to update things as I move around the store. It saves me time and I’m much more productive than I was when we were using a clipboard.”
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Hubworks is a growing collection of web-based software applications designed to help small to medium-sized businesses leverage technology at an affordable price. Industries served include restaurants, food service, hospitality, retail and more. Headquartered in Costa Mesa, CA, Hubworks simplifies business processes in areas such as scheduling, labor management, operations and business analytics. The cloud-based solutions include free mobile apps and are offered on a monthly subscription basis. For details visit