For Restaurants Needing More Than Just Checklists

Protect Your Brand Reputation, and Maintain Food Safety and HACCP Compliance

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Zip Checklist is the market leader in task management across multiple industries. You can create, track, and monitor your checklists to ensure your operations are running efficiently.

  • Real-time standardized and customized checklists for each business location.

  • Maintain operating standards with reminders and alerts on both recurring and non-recurring tasks.

  • Stronger accountability measures with task assignment and completion reports.

Zip HACCP is for those who enjoy the great features Zip Checklist offers, but in addition, have exclusive temperature solutions that maintain food safety and HACCP compliance with checklist integration.

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  • Includes all the great features that Zip Checklist has to offer.

  • Integrated temperature solutions sync with thermometer tasks to maintain food safety.

  • Critical tasks and corrective actions are used to follow legal and HACCP compliance rules.


Redefining Food Safety and HACCP Compliance

Track Your Critical Food Safety Tasks

Zip HACCP is the temperature solutions arm of Zip Checklist. You can get up-to-date status on your critical food safety and compliance tasks, and from both mobile and web applications. Track your tasks anywhere, at any time. We offer Zip HACCP for Apple and Android phones and tablet, as well as web applications for computer users.


Temperature Solutions for Your Restaurant

Using innovative bluetooth technology, we’re able to sync up all of your temperature reading onto the Zip HACCP application and display information in real-time. You never have to worry about writing down temperatures again on paper sheets and traditional documentation.


Food Safety Assurance

You don’t have to worry about extra setup costs or device pairing. Just capture temperatures that automatically sync with their respective food safety tasks and if temperatures fall within an unacceptable zone, you can force a mandatory corrective action in order to resolve an issue.


Proactively Manage Critical Food Safety Tasks

Are you behind on complying with food safety, or have had problems with food safety procedures? No problem. Zip HACCP was created with the intention of simplifying and streamlining your food safety processes so you can better manage and operate your business while protecting your brand name.

We understand how important it is for managers and business owners to stay compliant with safety laws and company policies. We produced Zip HACCP to help you ensure that you’re able to quickly and successfully follow these laws and protect the business from any expensive costs or lawsuits.

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