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Ensuring Effective Team Task Management

ensuring effective team task management
Mary Kate Morrow

By Mary Kate Morrow


Effective team task management helps provide a successful, productive, and pleasant working environment.

The Importance

Team task management requires a plethora of careful considerations and difficult decisions made by business owners or project managers. Although the extensive planning necessary to properly delegate tasks and optimize team task management may be daunting, your proactive efforts will be well worth the finished project results. Highly important points to consider when managing team tasks include-

  • Planning and prioritizing a cohesive and comprehensive task list
  • Matching individual tasks with consideration of each team member's applicable unique skillsets
  • Encouraging and accommodating creative productivity solutions
  • Avoiding counterproductive or repetitive delegation of the same task
  • Checking in consistently with team members for feedback
  • Implementing received feedback to optimize results
  • Gauging satisfaction levels of employees
  • Ensuring your project team has sufficient resources
  • Creating and maintaining a budget
  • Maintaining a safe space where your employees feel validated and supported

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Signs You Are Effectively Managing Team Tasks

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The clearest indicator of a successfully managed task is achieving the desired end goal within the appointed time frame. However, by following these basics tips, you may observe additional successful signs as feedback-

Each task has a sole designated appointee-
Effective delegation ensures that information and work do not inappropriately overlap, tracks task progress, and holds an individual party responsible in the case of noncompliance or subpar task completion. There should be one point of contact accountable for the execution and completion of each team task. Should your point of contact need replacement or be out of the office for any reason, there will be a clear role for another person to step into and take over.

Even further, business owners and project managers should consider delegating as much power to individual team members as possible in order to promote self-management and self-sufficiency. Not only will this lessen your workload as a project manager, but it avoids the need for micromanaging altogether

Tackle hard tasks first-
Instead of saving the most difficult task for last, complete daunting, and more challenging tasks first. You will decrease the stress levels of your team while also encouraging prioritization and time management. Upon completion of these more difficult tasks, your team will feel much more motivated, confident, and able to clearly focus

Flexibility towards individual processes-
Although it may be incredibly beneficial to invest in a dedicated online software solution, any software will be useless if your employees are not comfortable navigating or utilizing it. Not only should business owners and project managers provide extensive training and encourage employees to reach out for troubleshooting or support, but they should also be mindful that different people work best utilizing different productivity solutions.

For instance, a team member may produce exceptionally better finished products by using a whiteboard and markers for their free flowing ideas. Encourage your team members to be comfortable in their creativity and preferred productivity solutions. By showing consideration to team members and their unique capabilities, you can boost your team's morale and your overall business's efficiency and productivity

Effective communication-
As a business owner or project manager, you know that communication is essential to a successful business and productive workforce. However, there can be too much of a good thing. Business owners and project managers should consider the implications of anything they may share outside of duties, deadlines, and task dependencies. Avoid excess communication, as it runs the risk of employees becoming irritated, uninterested, and overwhelmed with nonessential notifications and reminders. Instead, opt to share only relevant information on a timely basis and appropriately incorporate both progress updates and check ins.

Communication must be effectively and strategically utilized to help team members understand both their own responsibilities and performance expectations, as well as those of their team members. This decreases confusion, unnecessarily wasted time and energy, and mitigates potential conflicts or misunderstandings from breeding

Encourage and implement feedback-
Create a safe space where you encourage communication with your project team on a regular and consistent basis. If you are managing a virtual project team, consider integrating remote team collaboration tools and applications to optimize remote team communication. Always offer your team support, making sure to regularly inquire about successes, failures, and frustrations incurring during the current task management strategy. Requesting and acknowledging feedback shows your team the symbiotic nature of the relationship between managers and their employees which will encourage team-building and optimize your bottom line.


  • Project management professionals can utilize team task management software to optimize every day task management processes, ranging from managing task delegation to tracking task progression
  • A clear indicator of a successful task management solution is achieving the desired end goal by the assigned project or task due date. There are many other task management solution tips that project management professionals can use, including remote team collaboration tools and time tracking
  • Finding the best task management software requires considering every day needs, team member understanding, and ease of usage. Consider free task management trials to get started free on your business's unique team task management goals!

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