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The Best Task Management Software for You and Your Team

the best task management software for you and your team
Michelle Jaco

By Michelle Jaco

The Industry and Its Demands

Restaurants are in a service-based industry that deals with a myriad of people who have different tastes and standards. The word of mouth and recommendations from friends go a long way in marketing a business, especially for restaurants. The power of the Yelp review can go a long way these days and unfortunately, it's not always in your favor.

From customer service to the quality of food, your reputation can be attributed to a number of factors, so it's absolutely imperative to stay on top of things.

Therefore, this calls for the need for proficiency in every part of the business. Consumers need to be satisfied with the quality of every meal from the appetizers to dessert. Similarly, restaurant owners should share this sentiment and exceed expectations.

Upholding such levels of quality is of course ideal and sounds achievable; however, many may find that the task is actually easier said than done, especially if your restaurant's business is growing at a rapid trajectory.

Task management software can be used for a number of industries, including restaurants. The software is integrated to form a digital checklist with management features that make it simpler to run your business, achieve greater profitability and growth, as well as ensure that no stone goes left unturned.

Here is the ultimate guide to understanding the functionalities and features of task management software and how it will benefit your restaurant.

The Benefits of Task Management Software for You and Your Team

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The advanced software is used to manage tasks that require execution within a given business often used in fields that require long operational processes. Such tasks are typically clusters of smaller to-do's that collectively make up an entire process.

For example, inventory management is the main process, but the steps involved in managing your inventory include monitoring all in-house stock, anticipating when items/food will fully run out, ordering the next batch of inventory, etc.

Task management software could be applied to every step of the inventory management process. Task management software reduces the amount of time to be used while simultaneously assuring that order is maintained. This software can be fully integrated with the service-based industry such as restaurants. Here are the benefits to be accrued by your restaurant from using task management software.

Automation of Processes + Efficiency
Management software records information instantaneously. It eliminates the need for constant updates that were previously done manually. Automation expedites the process and saves you time, so you can spend it focusing on other important areas in the restaurant.

Task management software schedules every single task required in a restaurant. It eradicates delays caused by negligence or forgetfulness. This ensures a smooth running of activities within your restaurant. Efficiency is key when attempting to complete tasks/projects in a timely fashion in not ahead of schedule.

Improves the Level of Accountability
Task management software collects data and transfers it to the cloud for storage. As previously mentioned, these records are free from human error, so the entire bookkeeping process remains unmarred.

Task management software applications make it certain that the information generated is trustworthy. The accountability of employees is also upheld. As your business continues to grow, the need for more labor input will be needed. Therefore, management software will be useful through the transition.

Ease in the Decision-Making Process
Making tough decisions is mandatory for every business entity.

The data provided by task management software applications goes a long way to help make several changes deemed as helpful to a business. This is critical for businesses where each task plays a significant role in determining how the end product will be.

Task management software highlights the details of every task. This information helps reveal the underlying faults within the current system if any. It also helps identify the specific tasks to prioritize.

Therefore, if every single task is adjusted to consume the least amount of time possible, the entire process will save significantly more time. If not for task management software, making such decisions would have proved to be more complex.

Accelerates Business Growth
Using task management software facilitates better employee performance and execution of tasks. Maintaining these qualities in your restaurant over an extended time will lead to its growth. This translates to an influx of consumers and reservations made. The number of tasks to be executed will also increase too.

Task management software is effective because it can handle more and more tasks effectively as the customer base of your restaurant grows.

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Deadline Management
Task management software provides elaborate ways to achieve goals and meet expectations by complying with the stipulated deadlines. For example, delivering orders on time during the lunch rush hour helps maintain a state of equilibrium for businesses/restaurants.

This also ensures that deadlines are not missed when it comes to staying on top ordering inventory or remembering to post the coming week's employee work schedule.

Ensures Accuracy of Information
The value of confidence that task management tools grant to managers, supervisors, and employees is priceless.

Task management software logs how long it takes to complete a task, so managers are always aware of the exact amount of time it takes to prepare a meal for example.

Accuracy is especially important in such instances because management can determine what can be done to improve or expedite the process.

Using the meal prep example, if it is determined that it takes 10 minutes to prepare a dish, a server can inform a customer who orders said dish, that the meal will be out in approximately 15 minutes, leaving a window for any factors that may cause a possible delay.

Such honesty backed by precision goes a long way in building a business' reputation and customer service experience.

Simplify Employee Supervision
When a certain task has been assigned to an employee, then it becomes management's responsibility of ensuring the required rules and regulations are adhered to.

It is imperative to keep tabs on the progress, compliance with the required deadline, and ascertain that tasks are executed well. Tasks management software does this automatically making it rather easy to achieve this. If you opt to do this process manually, it would have proved more strenuous and time-consuming.

Boosts Productivity
Task management tools help facilitate a smooth running of processes that ultimately save large amounts of time.

In addition, these applications help eradicate the time lags that may exist within each individual task. With these functionalities, the level of production by a company is sure to improve.

Additionally, the order of precedence of tasks can be established by the level of importance, as the most productive tasks will be executed first.

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One of the factors that emphasize great businesses is the ability to evolve and adjust to the external environment.

Every type of business is bound to fine-tune to dynamic situations in place and the external environment to remain stable. Keeping up with the trends is one of the factors that has eliminated some businesses from the game.

There are several business trends assimilated by corporate bodies in current times that have proved effective. It is imperative to stay on top of these trends. This is followed by taking the necessary steps to achieve what's desired in order to remain relevant in the industry.

Different trends differ from industry to industry. The most prevalent business trends used in recent times solely lie in technological advancement.

Businesses that insist on the conventional way of task execution are swiftly fading away. This will always be the case since obsolete technology will always fall short when compared to advanced technology.

As a business owner, it is imperative to always make sure you use the most advanced technology to have a competitive edge over similar businesses.

What to Look for in Task Management Software

Each brand's deliverables will vary, and some will be more valuable to one company versus another. With that being said, there are some features that no restaurant can afford to miss out on. Here is a list of the must-haves that all types of task management software need to possess.

A user-friendly interface enables easy interaction between a user and the software. This feature helps to ascertain that the management software can be comfortably used by all.

Diverse Design
The entire design of an ideal task management tool is dedicated to offering absolute utility across popular devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

This allows employees to use their portable gadgets to review and/or upload tasks. Individuals can also make reports from anywhere. The best of such applications should also be cloud-based. Accessible features like this, allow managers to delegate duties remotely and at any time.

An ideal management tool should be equipped with a section for real-time discussions between management and employees. Internal communication platforms are great for posting relevant comments, supervisory sessions, and delegation.

The amount of money spent on management software should be worth the value provided. It is advisable to conduct thorough market research prior to settling on the ideal software you will use.

You will weigh a product's specifications against the price. Therefore, you will make a better decision backed by rationality.

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Final Word

Through the insight offered above, it is fairly evident that keeping up with the latest trends is essential in several ways. Businesses that chose to remain conventional are kicked out of the market mercilessly.

Management software help to simplify the role of a manager in a business/restaurant and improve the productivity of such establishments. Task management tools are one such application of technology that can never be overlooked, as these software applications have become an essential part of the success of businesses/restaurants.

They provide significant utility and a competitive edge, which is just what your business or restaurant needs.

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