Zip Checklist vs. proworkflow

Task management can be a complicated and overwhelming process. With a full roster of employees to account for, as well as ensuring that each team member is performing to standard, it is essential to ensure that you are making the most out of advanced technological resources.

With the right task management software in place, proworkflow can expect optimized employee productivity, resulting in increased profits.

The question therein lies: Which brand do I choose to go with?

Where Zip Checklist is Above The Competition

Cannot Resolve Existing Issues

While old habits die hard, they must still certainly be addressed and corrected, especially when it comes to team management.

This is an area that brands often struggle with, as it can be extremely difficult to attempt to fix a problem when it cannot be determined who is initiating the problem. That is not to make the claim that employees are intentionally refusing to adhere to guidelines or protocols. What is certain, however, is that employers must be able to monitor employee efficiency, as well as trace back each task to whomever it was assigned to. proworkflow does not have this capability, unfortunately.

When operational procedures are set in place, the expectation is that every team member will carry out his/her responsibilities correctly and in an efficient manner. Without data-driven software to track results, this cannot be guaranteed if there is no way to monitor each employee’s work ethic.

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Not User Friendly

An easy-to-use interface is a bonus when it comes to task management software.

Some companies are often daunted by the idea of implementing new technology into their establishment. It’s feared that the software and products will be too complicated to become acclimated with – both for management and the employees.

With dashboards that are difficult to navigate through and slower load time, proworkflow lacks in application simplicity, as the software wasn’t created with the user in mind.

Does Not Drive Results

When evolving a company from within to sustain continuous growth, it must be certain that the business is in fact driving results. Revenue is directly affected when employees are performing at their best, and conversely, suffer when not working up to expectations.

proworkflow does not track data in real-time to monitor employee tasks. This feature is vital, as it identifies trends in work patterns and completion times. Without this data, it cannot be determined if employees are working optimally.

What to Expect from Zip Checklist

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Zip Checklist is employee task management software built for small businesses to create a digital checklist.

Practical schedule applications like the mobile app also reduce employee absenteeism. With all around access to view current schedules, your team can better coordinate personal affairs with work responsibilities.

Suboptimal labor forecasting is no longer an issue with Zip Checklist. The software is cloud-based and available on a variety of platforms, including, desktops, computers, tablets, and mobile devices. This allows managers to access checklists while on the go and from virtually anywhere, ensuring they are always up-to-date on the current state of the business operationally. Zip Checklist makes it easy for employees to access the software so they can also review upcoming assigned tasks. Additional benefits include:

Standardization of Operating Procedures

With the right task management software, you are always in control.

Zip Checklist offers consistency in driving results through the implementation of standardized methods and practices. The application allows management to set daily and weekly tasks to specified employees, as well as note descriptions or further instructions for the task at hand. This prevents confusion and opens up the opportunity for dialogue, should an employee perhaps need further clarification about an assigned role. Because the task is digitally logged, any authorized superior can address employee inquiries.

Task management software harmonizes the way that assigned duties are performed and makes it simple to replicate tasks going into the proceeding weeks.

Avert Costly Mistakes

When team members don’t follow procedure or perform a duty incorrectly, the business suffers. Mistakes are costly, as they eat up revenue, dissuade customers from returning, and result in a waste of labor costs.

A great task management tool assists in getting all team members on the same page to prevent confusion and error frequency due to mistakes. Zip Checklist will also help with Managing individual employee schedules.

Zip Checklist allows users, both employees, and management, to communicate through the use of the internal commenting feature, so if any party needs clarification, this can be carried out through the mobile application in real-time. This not only fosters a stronger community within the organization but promotes improved employee productivity, as well.

Boost Employee Accountability

Successful businesses thrive when working as a team and when individuals truly care about the work put forth. When it comes to employee accountability, it’s evident when an employee is not invested in his/her work. However, this is typically only apparent when witnessed in-person.

Because Zip Checklist provides control and visibility through real-time alerts and notifications, managers are always in the know of when a task is or is not completed, as well as how long it took to complete. If an employee is exhibiting underwhelming performance on a consistent basis this will be identified through the reporting system.

Simplicity with Results

Zip Checklist offers simplicity through customization.

Each checklist can be personalized to display key performance indicators, detailed visuals and written descriptions of the task, and additional comments pertaining to past work.

Task images, types, and explanations greatly reduce the amount of time it would typically take for a task to be completed because there are more clarification and direction present. The application is also available on smart mobile devices, so users can access the digital checklist while on the go.

The application will also prompt employees to take the necessary corrective actions if a task goes unfinished, as well as alert management to take the necessary actions to address the problem.

With Zip Checklist, you will experience a significant increase in both employee productivity and accuracy of task completion within the organization.