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Adhere to Standard Operating Procedures

With Zip Checklist, you can customize your checklists and tailor them to fit the needs of your business. Categories, checklists, and tasks can all be set up to ensure standard practices are being followed at your organization.

With standard operating procedures in place, errors and poorly executed tasks become a thing of the past. Through Zip Checklist, you can be certain that all employees are following the best practices of your organization.

employee accountability with standard operating procedures

Hold Employees Accountable

With Zip Checklist, you can assign employees to checklists and even individual tasks within each checklist. This ensures that every employee is aware of exactly what they are responsible for, and when they need to complete it by.

Managers can hold employees accountable by using the Checklist Detail Report. In this report, they have full visibility of all actions performed in the application for each task. They’ll be able to see what actions were taken, when they were taken, and who they were taken by. This allows managers to determine which employees are performing well and which ones are falling short.

Customize Tasks to Match Your Needs

Zip Checklist makes customization easy through a variety of task types. No matter how complicated a checklist is, it can be configured in Zip Checklist so that your team members have a clear understanding of how to quickly and accurately complete every single task.

Task images, types and explanations all allow every task to be broken down in a concise manner, which greatly reduces the time it would normally take to complete tasks. Your employees will know what needs to be done to properly complete the task. By using Zip Checklist, you can expect a significant increase in both the speed and accuracy of task completion in your organization.

optimizing operations
insightful reports

Insightful Reports

Zip Checklist provides you with a variety of actionable reports that are accessible on any device. The information provided in these reports allows you to monitor critical tasks, analyze trends, and view checklist details.

Managers can utilize the information in these reports to identify tasks that frequently have issues and they can then take action to prevent these issues from happening in the future. With the trend reports, managers can see how operational performance is trending and identify areas of improvement.

Optimize Operations

Zip Checklist’s easy-to-use interface makes completing tasks easier than ever. Task explanations provide employees with more information so that even the more complex tasks are easy to understand and perform.

When a critical task fails to be completed, the application can prompt the employee to take the necessary corrective action, enforcing that the set next steps are taken to address the problem.

customize tasks

Monitor Critical Tasks in Real-Time

Zip Checklist gives you control and visibility over your operations. Real-time alerts and notifications ensure that all team members and managers are aware of the actions they need to take.

Tasks that are high priority can be marked as critical, and whenever one of these tasks fails, managers are notified immediately. These critical tasks can be monitored by looking at the Trend Reports. These reports are also available on the Zip Checklist mobile app so that you can monitor your critical tasks anytime and anywhere.

Mobile On The Go | Easy To Use

Mobile Checklists

Zip Checklist enables your employees to take their digital checklists with them wherever they go, making task completion easy regardless of the task details. Task management and reporting are accessible on the mobile application so that managers can control their operations from anywhere and on any device.

mobile zip checklist features section

Simplified Task Management

Zip Checklist allows you and your staff to communicate effectively using follow ups, comments, and corrective actions. Issues can be escalated in real-time with alerts and notifications.

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