Why choose an Enterprise Task Management App?

standardize your business

Standardize Your Business

Zip Checklist optimizes your business operations by standardizing the way your employees perform tasks. You can set and maintain these standards across all of your locations.

simplify task management

Simplify Task Management

With Zip Checklist, all of your locations can take advantage of the application’s easy-to-use task management tools and complete checklists faster.

key metrics report

Analyze Key Metrics

Zip Checklist gives you full visibility of the overall operational performance of your entire organization. You can easily see how each location is performing and identify areas that need improvement.

increase productivity in all locations

Increase Productivity in Every Location

Zip Checklist guarantees that every location in your organization completes all tasks in an effective and efficient manner. The application ensures that every member of your team is aware of the latest standard operating procedures, which allows operations to run smoothly at every site in your business. When operations run smoothly, all team members can best utilize their time to enhance the customer experience.

If any critical issues ever surface, your team members and managers will both be prompted to take the appropriate action. The real-time alerts in Zip Checklist notify managers any time that a follow-up, corrective action, or a critical task fails to be completed. All corrective actions can be customized to suit the needs of your business, which ensures that every aspect of task completion is straightforward and intuitive. With simplified task completion and effective corrective actions in place, the productivity of your business will increase across all of your locations.

Enhanced Visibility at All Times

Zip Checklist can be easily accessed from any device of your choice, giving your team the ability to stay informed on the operations of your organization at all times.

There are a variety of useful and actionable reports in Zip Checklist. The Checklist Detail Report increases accountability within your organization, giving you the ability to see who took different actions, and when the actions were taken.

The Trend Reports enable you to see the trends on critical tasks, task completion, follow-ups, corrective actions, and the overall health of your organization. If critical tasks are not being completed at one of your sites and you begin to notice a downward trend, you can identify the issues and take the appropriate actions. The Roll-Up Reports let you see how your organization is performing as a whole. By utilizing the tools and increased visibility in Zip Checklist, you can optimize the overall performance of your business.

enhanced visibilty at all times
standardize operations for your organization

Standardize Operations Throughout Your Organization

With Zip Checklist, you can configure categories, checklists, and tasks so that they are easy to follow and eliminate mistakes. By making these checklists standard across your organization, you can be confident that tasks are being performed correctly and consistently.

Categories, checklists and tasks are all completed the same way at every location. This means that along with tasks being completed efficiently, they can also be measured effectively. When operations are standardized it is much easier to compare your different regions and analyze your organization as a whole.

With consistent operations across the board, you’ll ensure that your guests receive a consistent, high-quality experience regardless of which location they visit.

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