Hostel Management Software

Hostel management software and mobile apps that hostel managers and staff love using to simplify their task management.

Save time managing hostel staff

Assign hostel management tasks in seconds

Managing tasks with our hostel management software make it effortless for hostel managers to delegate and assign tasks to staff from shared task lists, management checklists and more.

Track hostel management tasks on-the-go

For hostel managers, keeping track of your daily, weekly and monthly task lists can be a struggle. But, with the Zip Checklist hostel management app, task tracking is available in real-time making hostel task management a breeze.

Hold hostel managers accountable

Follow up with hostel managers for overdue tasks

Using our hostel management software you can follow up on overdue tasks by sending task reminders from the free hostel task management app.

Improve hostel management task execution

Increase task accountability and execution by sending corrective actions to staff. The task management tool allows hostel managers to attach documents to help staff learn standard operation procedures for tasks.

Streamline hostel task management

Manage hostel task lists in one place

Our hostel management software lets you create and manage task list templates online. Using the task management tool, hostel managers can easily delegate shared responsibilities to staff.

Get real-time hostel management task list reports

Always know what's going on at your hostel with real-time task reports for share todo lists. hostel managers and owners benefit from having critical insights into daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

And if that's not enough...

Free Hostel Management Support

Our support team is only a phone call away. We want you to be successful in seeing the value in our hostel management software, so we help you whenever you need it.

Designed for Hostels

Rather than building hostel management software that works 'ok' for industries across the board, we designed Zip Checklist to work perfectly for hostel managers.

Hostel Staff Management

Your staff gets notified when assigned tasks from daily, weekly and monthly task lists. Hostel managers have access to real-time task list status reports simplifying staff management.

Hostel Task List Templates

Does your hostel have more than one location? No problem. You can easily share task list templates across sites to ensure staff follows standard operation procedures.

Hostel Task List Reports

Allow your hostel managers access to real-time task list reports. They can check the status of any task list on-the-go and follow up with staff for critical tasks left incomplete.

Hostel Staff Task Assignments

We've simplified task management for hostel managers with our free hostel management app that allows you to share and delegate tasks to staff anywhere, anytime.

Our online task management app makes team task management of daily, weekly and monthly task to do lists effortless. Try it free for 30 days.