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With an ever-increasing workload in the Construction industry, running a business in today’s fast-paced economy can prove to be quite challenging – especially when not equipped with a proper task management system.

In turn, this leads to a decrease in productivity, missed deadlines, and most importantly, reduced profits.

When it comes to the success of a business, task management software, like Zip Checklist, is key to streamlining operations and increasing productivity.

Task Management Software in a Nutshell

Task management software aids in the managing of tasks, initiating planned to-do list items, tracking those items, and reporting on the outcome.

With the goal to work smarter, not harder, Zip Checklist streamlines business processes in the Construction industry with a digital to-do list, making it user-friendly and customizable.

Because the end goal is to ensure each task not only gets completed but completed successfully, the software application features visuals, labels/types, and explanations of the task at hand, allowing for further clarification in expectations and improved employee productivity.

The Harmful Effects of Paper-Based Checklists to the Construction Industry

What makes Zip Checklist such a valuable management tool is how users can reference previous checklists and review the average amount of time it’s taking for employees to complete various tasks. As a resource, this is useful on a couple of levels. One, employees who may be lacking in the productivity arena can be identified, presenting an opportunity to management to rectify the problem. The second benefit being that if a particular task is proving to take longer to all employees across the board, management should consider alternative methods to completing this particular task list.

Because written/hard-copied checklists are typically disposed of after an allotted time, the possibility to go back and review previous days’ tasks is stricken away, removing room for areas of improvement.

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Other harmful effects include:

  • Supply costs will continue to rise, as checklist printouts utilize paper and printer ink
  • Productivity suffers, as management will have to defer to the printed checklist and spend time to ensure each task was fulfilled
  • Checklists are not easily updatable and any revisions that must be made will require edits on the computer and for new printouts to be dispersed to staff multiple times
  • Lack of employee accountability because a task could be checked off on, but there is no guarantee that the task was completed or completed correctly
  • There is no way to track tasks in real-time

The Benefits of Task Management Software

Technological advancements have revolutionized the Construction industry, making way for streamlined business practices that set both the business and its employees up for success.

By adopting tech-based task management, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Strengthened communication
  • Improved organization
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Established employee accountability
  • Efficiently managed costs on labor and resources
  • Secured privacy of business practices
  • Teamwork

What You Can Expect with Zip Checklist

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One way of ensuring that all operations across your organization are running smoothly is by utilizing the best task management software available.

Zip Checklist is a digital project management solution that allows users across all industries to conveniently delegate tasks to team members, covering all necessary sectors of business operations, including:

Maintaining of company standards – The software is highly flexible and scalable, so checklists are easily customizable to fit any and all business needs. This helps ensure that all employees adhere to deadlines and complete tasks as per the defined best practices.

Up-to-date task notifications - All checklists and tasks can be updated in real-time, so when any changes are implemented, all team members will receive notifications of such changes.

Promotes collaboration efforts – No single employee will feel overloaded or overwhelmed with an unequal workload, as the app allows tasks to be assigned to multiple people for jobs that require a team effort.

Plan ahead – All assignments and tasks may be planned well before the actual deadline. The application also operates on the cloud, so tasks can be managed from anywhere at any time via a smartphone or tablet.

Accessible remotely – Because the software is cloud-based, team members can access the digital checklist remotely, as well. So, assigned tasks can be accessed in advance, giving employees an idea of will be expected of them for upcoming shifts.

Real-time alerts and status reports – Managers can set reminders, like deadlines and receive live notifications when tasks are completed, left incomplete/uncomplete, and even when an assignment is running past the designated due time. This added benefit allows managers to track employee productivity and efficiency.

Responsive interface through multiple devices – The software’s free application has a responsive interface that can be accessed via desktops, laptops, smart mobile devices, and tablets, providing more accessibility from anywhere and at any time to both employers and employees.

Prioritization that improves employee productivity – The advanced task-management system makes it simple to prioritize all tasks, as well as provide clear instructions of each. This is helpful to team members, as it notes which tasks take precedence in terms of urgency, as well as clarifies how tasks should be completed.