Advanced Task Manager App for iOS & Android

Mobile task manager app for managers and supervisors.

When you SIGN UP for Zip Checklist, you and your team have access to our FREE task manager app on iPhone and Android.

With our advanced task manager, Employees can view shared todo lists and daily tasks assigned by managers. Supervisors can track daily, weekly and monthly task lists and ensure standard operation procedures are followed.

Receive task manager notifications

Set task management reminders

Stay on top of shared task lists by adding task reminders with due dates. With the task manager app you can rest assured that no task or task list is forgotten.

Get task status alerts in real-time

Simplify follow up management tasks. Our advanced task manager app alerts you of upcoming and overdue tasks.

Manage task assignments on-the-go

Delegate checklist tasks

Managers can easily assign tasks to any staff member with the advanced task manager app. It's simplified the whole task management process from start to finish!

Track shared task checklists

View real-time information of any shared task list. Follow up on tasks that are overdue and get insights into any task list.

Access task reports anywhere, anytime

Always have a digital record on hand

Show any health inspector or other regulatory body tasks records on your advanced task manager app. Save time by moving your task management needs online.

Ensure consistent operating procedures

Communicate standard operating procedures, task guidelines, and task templates across your organization.

Streamline team task management

Increase shared todo list efficiency

Staff can retrieve information on standard operating procedures and other daily tasks in an instant. With the advanced task manager app this information is always accessible.

Make management tasks a priority

Managers can focus on the most important management tasks using the advanced task manager app.

Our mobile apps also include...

Task Follow Ups

Our task organizer allows managers to prioritize the most important tasks for staff to complete. Using the advanced task manager app, following up on incomplete tasks only takes seconds.

Corrective Actions

We make it easy for managers and supervisors to address critical task execution issues. And, with the advanced task manager app, audit trails are kept for future reference.

Checklist Templates

Rather than building task management checklists from scratch, managers can use the advanced task manager app to load pre-existing templates and edit them to fit organizational needs.

Our online task management app makes team task management of daily, weekly and monthly task to do lists effortless. Try it free for 30 days.