Zip Checklist vs Jolt | Why to Choose Zip Checklist over Jolt

Zip Checklist, like Jolt, is a cloud-based task management solution that ensures necessary operational tasks are completed to successfully and efficiently run the business.

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What Zip Checklist offers that Jolt doesn’t

Being extremely easy to use and having an intuitive design is what makes Zip Checklist stand out when compared with Jolt. Not only does Zip Checklist focus on being user-friendly, it is designed to benefit both the manager and the employees. Zip Checklist allows employees to keep track of their tasks to verify they have not missed any required tasks. With Zip Checklist, managers can easily keep track of their staff and ensure all tasks are being completed by the set timeframe. Jolt is also a task management solution, but compared to the functionality and the price of Zip Checklist, it is very limited and overpriced.







Why Zip Checklist Is Different

See why John Evrard calls for Zip Schedules

"I was so impressed when I first saw Zip Schedules that I couldn’t wait to start using it. I’ve never seen a employee scheduling software that is so easy to use and understand. A bit of magic that helps us operate at scale."

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Simplified Task Management

It is essential for a scheduling platform to possess an easy-to-use interface especially if it is an application that is implemented across all levels of the organization. Employees can often forget to complete their daily tasks without a to-do list. In order to successfully manage all daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, there needs to be an organized system in place so that employees and managers can easily keep track of their operations. With Zip Checklist, tasks can be easily created, assigned, and completed by an employee.

Using software for task management means that you’re provided with instant feedback on whether or not your employees are following your standard operating procedures. In real- time, you can monitor your checklists and see if they are being completed correctly, and if not, you can ensure that the proper corrective actions are taken.

For increased accountability, Zip Checklist allows photos to be taken, regardless of the task type. In Jolt, however, photos can only be added if the specific task was set up as a picture task. Freedom to add photos regardless of task type means that you’ll always have better insight on your operations. Photo attachments can be incredibly beneficial to a business because they provide additional information.

In Zip Checklist, managers can also assign the checklist to a desired department. Jolt does not offer the ability to filter by department and this can be inconvenient because it makes it more difficult for employees to quickly complete checklists. In Zip Checklist, employees can quickly filter what checklists needed to be completed by their department . Filters are also used to see checklists or tasks that are assigned to a specific employee. The way checklists are presented in Zip Checklist ensures that everything is easy to understand so that employees don’t spend unnecessary time trying to figure things out.

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"Yes, I use the mobile app, I have it on my phone. We managed to go from having nothing to having a sophisticated system leveraging a platform everyone has already has in their pockets. I got both my restaurants started right away and it didn’t take me very long."

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Mobile Task Management

It’s critical for any task management application to be available on mobile devices so that employees are not tied down to a desktop. A mobile checklist application means that employees can complete their tasks on the go. This eliminates the need for paper checklists, and it streamlines the way that checklists are completed. However, a mobile app is only useful if it is intuitive and easy to use. If an application is confusing, it can often do more harm than good and employees can waste a lot of time trying to understand the basic functionalities of the app, instead of using that time to focus on completing their checklists.

In Jolt, the user interface isn’t very modern and the structure can be very confusing. Zip Checklist utilizes a very sleek interface, where checklists are organized by daily, weekly, and monthly frequencies. This allows employees to easily navigate the app as soon as they pick it up which means that you can see results from using Zip Checklist much sooner than if you used Jolt. Checklists in Zip Checklist organized in the order of your choice which improves the overall efficiency of the checklist. The flow of a checklist helps to determine how easy it is to follow a checklist, and in Zip Checklist, tasks can be organized so that employees can complete them with ease.

Jolt offers a message blast feature so that managers can send a message to multiple people at once, however, Zip Checklist takes this even further. In Zip Checklist, there is a built-in communication tool that allows employees and managers to communicate with each other. This centralizes your communication and can be used to inform your staff on important announcements, reminders, and more. Communication is crucial to the success of a business, and in Zip Checklist, you’re able to instantly notify your employees.

The Zip Checklist mobile app also keeps you informed with real-time notifications. They’re sent out whenever actions are performed so that owners always have the ability to track checklist progress. With checklists available on any mobile device, you can keep track of daily, weekly and monthly task lists at any time. You’ll also be able to assign checklist tasks to any staff member and view real-time task information so that you’re always aware of what’s going on in your operations.

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"Our managers needed help with employee scheduling. We were using Excel and emailing the schedule out to our staff. But, when we tried Zip Clock we realized how many hours we had been wasting with the timely task of handling shift changes and other employee requests. Now we schedule employees faster, with more accuracy and more flexibility. The free mobile apps have made our whole team feel more appreciated and more engaged. Our customers are more satisfied than ever before."

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In-Depth Reporting

Zip Checklist provides reporting on task status, task assignment, corrective actions and follow ups, trends, and checklist details. Users can navigate to the reports tab of the application and have full visibility on how many corrective actions were taken within a specific period of time. The checklist detail report provides additional accountability for checklist completion. It displays which employee completed the task, when it was completed, and if there were any corrective actions or follow ups on the tasks within the checklists. This makes it very easy for managers and operators to determine if there are any issues within their operations.

Jolt also offers reporting but the information is presented in a confusing manner. If a user were to try to get valuable insight from the reports in Jolt, they would end up wasting a lot of time trying to find meaning behind all of the data. In Zip Checklist, however, all information is presented in a simple but meaningful way, eliminating the need to comb through pages of data to find valuable insight.

Instead of searching in the checklists, all pertinent information is presented in the reports in order to save time. . The checklist detail report provides the user with important details pertaining to checklist completion and also provides an audit trail so that managers can hold their employees accountable. Any tasks that are not completed and all corrective actions taken can be easily identified.

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"The business management apps offered by Hubworks has helped our concepts save time and money. Our managers and supervisors are happier because tasks that used to take hours every week have simplified with the mobility and visibility from their free mobile apps. Our profit margins are the best they've ever been with over a 2% reduction in food costs and 5% in labor. The business solutions offered by Hubworks deserve consideration by any restaurant, franchisees, or small businesses."

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