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Create, delegate and manage all of your tasks from any device in real time.
By improving communication, you can save time, money, and lawsuits.
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Making an employee checklist just got easier.

Our software allows you to stay updated with health regulations by offering multiple
communication platforms, an audit trail for all of your tasks, and our app is device agnostic.
You no longer have to sift through papers just to figure out what happened last week.

Now you can create and share employee checklists with supervisors, managers, and employees in each business location without a hassle.

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Zip Checklist is the most comprehensive digital task management application in the market. It features dynamic task checklists for recurring and non-recurring tasks

1  Sign up for ZipChecklist by entering your full name and email address

2  Select your Industry and sub-industry

3  Continue to use the checklist template provided or customize the checklist according to your needs

Employee Task Management System in Modern SMBs

Find out how modern small and medium-sized businesses are mastering the challenge of managing tasks in today’s world.

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We provide a smart way to delegate, manage, and monitor tasks with online software. Join the Digital Task Management Revolution. Now you can focus on more important tasks.

Anand Gala

CEO @ Gala Corp

“I’m so glad I got Zip Checklist! Instead of visiting or calling each store to check the completion status of daily tasks, all I have to do is pull out my phone.”

Tawny Smirz

Regional Manager @ Famous Dave’s

“With Zip Checklist’s mobile app,it’s easy to hold my staff accountable.Multi-unit management becomes easy when I can access what needs to be completed,at what time, and from anywhere.”

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The most streamlined Digital Task Management System is available today

Receive updates in real-time from managers and it’s employees right when an issue occurs! Avoid problems that occur because of miscommunication. Join the digital task revolution today!

Start with a template created by an industry leader.

Create your own task lists in less than five minutes.

Keep a record of task completion for compliance.