Maintain your operational standards.

Streamline Task Management .

Increase Accountability .

Actionable Reports .

Real-Time Alerts and Notifications .

Mobile Checklists

Increase employee awareness with a digital checklist and ensure task completion with the Zip Checklist mobile app. Give your managers the peace of mind of knowing tasks can get done without being physically there at each step of the way.

Simplified Task Management

Communicate effectively with your staff using follow-ups, comments and corrective actions from the Zip Checklist mobile app. Escalate issues in real-time with alerts and notifications to keep managers and employees informed.

Get Zip Checklist and Know the Job Will Get Done

Ensure your team is set up to for success

Maintain standard operating procedures

Develop Standard Operation Procedure Checklists

Create new standard operating procedure task lists for managers, supervisors and staff. Ensure restaurant cleanliness and appearance are always consistent and kept to standard.

Keep SOP Templates Up-to-Date

Update SOP task lists in real-time and keep staff or team members informed about the latest changes. No more worries of employees referencing past procedures.

Simplify team task management needs

Ensure task completion

Prevent burnout and ensure critical tasks are completed on time. Delegate tasks evenly between your departments using shared to-do lists. Automatically notify staff when a standard operating task is assigned from daily, weekly or monthly checklist.

Access task lists across devices

Monitor business operation checklist on any desktop, tablet or mobile device with Zip Checklist software and app. Enforce standard operating procedures for staff to follow all the time and provide excellent guest experience every time.

Zip Checklist

Compatible with iPad, iPhone and Android Mobile Devices

Receive Task Manager Alerts

Stay on top of shared task lists by adding task reminders with due dates. With Zip Checklist app you can rest assured that no task or task list is forgotten.
Get task status alerts in real-time and simplify follow up management tasks. Our advanced task manager free mobile app sends alerts for upcoming and overdue tasks.

Manage Task Assignments On The Go

The Zip Checklist app allows managers to assign checklist tasks to any staff member easily. The mobility of the advanced task manager app allows hassle-free task management on the go.
View real-time information on the shared task list and follow up on overdue tasks to get insights on their progress or any related issues.

Stay Prepared By Keeping a Digital Record

Health inspector walks in? No problem! You and your staff won't need to scramble. You'll be able to confidently show them timestamped and dated records of all specific tasks.
Stay on top of inspections and audits. Less paperwork. More efficiency.

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