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Why is Altametrics switching to a new billing system?

Altametrics wants to provide a self-service option for our customers to enhance your experience in interacting with our billing team. The self-service portal is available 24/7 and allows customers to:-

  • Enter and save your payment method – ACH or credit card
  • See current invoices and amounts due
  • Change the email address for billing purposes when necessary
  • See historical invoices created in the new system
  • Verify the store locations associated with the account
  • Send secure messages to our billing team about change of ownership or other time sensitive concerns
  • Enter a one-time electronic check option for quick payments

When will the new billing system be used?

A small group of pre-selected customers received billings in October 2020 from the new billing system. Monthly billing customers were added in November and December. The current plan calls for the balance of the customer base to be converted to the new system in time for January 2021 billings.

How will I know if my account has been switched?

The customers being moved to the new billing system will receive a letter and sample invoice via email. They will be asked to login to the portal and enter their payment method.

Why do customers need to enter their payment method? Doesn’t Altametrics already have that on file?

Various compliance regulations prohibit Altametrics from saving credit card or ACH account details for customers. Our previous system has the details stored in a secure, PCI-compliant vault managed by our payment processor, but we cannot see those numbers to transfer them to the new system.

What happens if a customer doesn’t login to the portal and enter their payment information?

An account that doesn’t have payment information entered will be considered paying via check and no longer on auto payment. Payment for Altametrics services is due in advance, so it is important to ensure invoices are paid in a timely manner. Failure to make appropriate billing arrangements may result in the inability to login to your Altametrics Enterprise Office (eRestaurant), Altametrics Business Intelligence (Xformity) or NetPOS software.

What is the link to the portal in case someone missed the email?


Once the account owner (franchisee) for the customer goes to the login, the account owner should enter their email address and click “Forgot Password” to set their password for the billing system for the first time. They can then login to the system and see only their company information. The owner’s email address, or the email address the owner gave us to use for billing is the one that the system is linked to.

My account is with Altametrics, why is Hubworks involved with this?

The new billing system was designed and is powered by Hubworks for use by the Altametrics customers and billing team.