Top Ten Ways to Improve Business Operations

The Effect of Poor Business Operations

Poor business operations can be felt throughout your entire business. It isn't just the processes and procedures followed by low-level employees in the daily flow, although that is certainly part of it. Ultimately, it boils down to leadership.

When there is poor leadership within the organization, it can have seriously negative effects on your business. Sometimes those negative effects can bring higher costs to your business while also causing a dip in profits.

Poor business operations can cause your best employees to leave. No one likes poor leadership. Bad managers can make your best employees feel absolutely miserable. If your best employees feel as if they are not valued, part of a team, or working in a negative environment, not only will they be less productive, they're likely to look for another employer.

Losing your top talent can mean your entire business is less productive which may affect your profits. Additionally, you'll incur the expenses of locating, interviewing, hiring, and training a replacement. And if they're made miserable by management? The process starts over again. It's all because of one poor business operation that needs improvement.

Inefficient meetings are another matter in business operations that burn both energy and time that could be better spent by most team members doing other things. Most people hate meetings because they include information that doesn't belong, take too long, and most people invited have no business being there.

The time is better spent on other projects for most because people who should be in the meeting are often unprepared or talk about subjects that weren't on the agenda (if there was an agenda, to begin with).

Poor business operations can lead to different departments of the business having different standards in how customers are treated. They may also have different communication standards for each other as well as for other departments.

This will eventually lead to serious issues both within the business as well as with customers since some customers may feel as if they are being treated differently (and they are likely right).

Some customers may stop using your business as well as leave negative reviews. Employees may struggle to communicate with could impact the overall function of the business as well as lead employees to quit.

The best way to improve business operations? Combining best practices along with both the customer experience and what your employees believe would make the environment a better workplace. This will help you take key information found in best practices, the experience of your customers, and what your employees want and need to create a better functioning business.

Top Ten Ways to Improve Your Operations

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Some of the top ten ways to improve your business operations include-

1. Be prepared for each business day- Each evening spend some time reviewing your entire day. Think of a few days you could improve certain areas. Review statistics if you have them. Make a list of strategies and ideas. This will help prepare you for the next day.

2. Review your business plan on a regular basis- Has your plan changed from your original idea? Update your plan. Consider all of the changes that have taken place and include them in your plan.

3. Take time to nourish customer relationships- Each day, you should set aside time to make some kind of contact with your customers. Ask their opinion about your business. Take their opinions to heart. You should also spend some time each day to think about ways to encourage repeat business as well as consider ways to continue to market and advertise for new customers.

4. Consider your pricing and whether you should raise them- Again, you can ask your customers. Ask them what they currently think about your prices. You don't have to ask what they would do if you raised your prices. Check out others in your area who are in your industry. What do they charge?

5. Keep your costs low- Even if you don't have plans to seek an investor, you never know what the future might hold. So, keep your costs low or reasonable. Having low and reasonable costs can be very attractive if you ever need a loan or decide to look for investors.

6. Be active about improving your business- If you know there are current areas in your business that need improvement, work on them. As you learn about other areas that need improvement, be diligent about doing something to move toward improvement.

7. Find and set standards to measure performance- Also known as key performance indicators (KPIs), these standards show you where you are, where you want to be, and the movement you're making to get there.
8. Be open to employee suggestions- They do the daily work. They know better than anyone if something is functional and efficient. Being part of the process helps keep employees happy and keeps hiring costs low.

9. Improve your marketing- There are lots of innovative marketing options available that can help you get in front of your target audience.

10. Don't burnout- Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is important when you're running a business. It can help you plan better business operations!


  • Poor business operations affect your entire business.
  • Your top employees may decide to seek another job.
  • Hiring costs may increase.
  • Your business productivity may decline.
  • Poor business operations include bad management.
  • To improve business operations management, consider best practices, customer input, and your employees' suggestions.

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