Why Team Communication Matters and Activities to Improve It


Communication team building activities can help to combat the problem of 57% of employees reporting that they are not given clear directions and 69% of managers reporting that they are uncomfortable communicating with their own employees.

What is Team Communication and Why Does it Matter?

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The success of any business is dependent on their ability to communicate effectively as a team. Team communication includes all of the interactions that occur between team members.

Team communications range from in-person conversations to emails sent. When used properly, team communication increases efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity in the workplace.

Some indications of great team communication include-

  • Innovative and creative solutions to problems
  • Decreased conflict or workplace miscommunication
  • Clearly established and attainable goals
  • A safe and supportive environment
  • Celebrating successes as a team
Benefits a business can experience as a result of using communication team building activities to optimize communication channels-

  1. Trust and transparency- Clear team communication and team building encourage a culture of trust in the workplace.

  2. Relationship enhancement- Team building activities help promote active listening and is a building block of team bonding. The respect and cooperation that is necessary to work together strengthens professional connections.

  3. Increased accountability- Accountability develops when a team member must work together within a large group that depends on them. Team-building exercises will further encourage camaraderie, positively impacting your business's bottom line.
Proper team communication protocol will decrease communication gaps and greatly improve your business's collaboration and team work potential. For this reason, communication team building activities should be common practice for ensuring the longevity and success of your business.

Activities to Improve Team Communication in the Workplace

Communication team building activities are exercises used to develop and enhance relationships within a team. Ideal team building activities should be both educational and enjoyable for your employees.

Communication activities help employees develop their creative thinking, active listening and problem solving skills. Below are examples of communication team building activities-

  1. Human knot- This activity is great for a large group as it requires twenty or more people. Position employees in a circle, close enough together that their shoulders are touching.

    Instruct them to place their right hand forward in order to connect with the hand of a team member across the circle. Once your team is connected, have them work together to untangle their arms without letting each other's hands go.

  2. Island survival- Break up a large group into a small team of five to ten people and provide them with a list of twenty items that washed ashore with them on an island. Let them choose five items to keep amongst themselves.

    Once they have chosen, have each group present their reasoning for the items they chose. This activity promotes creative thinking and team-building.

  3. Barter puzzle- Provide four or more small teams with different puzzles. Make sure to mix some of every group's puzzle into other group's boxes.

    Teams work together to figure out which pieces they are missing and bartering with one another to get them back as quickly as possible. This activity is a great way for teams to develop their negotiation and collaboration skills.

  4. Truths and lies- Assemble five or more individuals and direct them to each state two truths and a lie about themselves. This exercise is a fun way to get to know coworkers, especially as an ice breaker for introverted employees who may be hesitant to talk about themselves outside a communication team building activity.

  5. Zen counting- Have team members sit in a circle facing away from each other. Direct them to start counting from one to ten, each individual answering only one number.

    Whenever someone interrupts another person or repeats the number, the whole team starts over. This exercise encourages active listening and working together.


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  • Team communication includes all interactions occurring between team members. These communications vary from team building activities to check-in emails. When used appropriately, team communication can increase employee efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity.

  • Communication team building activities in the workplace will assist team members in enhancing their problem solving, creative thinking, and active listening skills.

  • Team communication in the workplace is very fractured, with 57% of employees stating they are not given clear directions and 69% of managers stating they are uncomfortable communicating with their own employees.

  • The benefits of communication team building activities can range from better work relationships to increased accountability. Communication team building activities are a great way to secure the longevity and success of your business.

  • Communication team building activities are exercises that are used to grow team relationships. To be effective, team building activities must aim to be both educational and enjoyable for your employees.

  • Communication activities assist employees in optimizing their creative thinking, active listening, and problem-solving skills.

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